Cane and tools order 2016

It’s here. Two kinds of cane and several new colors of reed thread. More notably:

  • A knife sharpening guide.
  • A dial indicator micrometer with an attachment for measuring finished reeds from the inside.
  • A swab extractor.

Also but not shown:

  • Cork pad sets for oboe.
  • A new kind of pad cement.

So this means that in addition to being set up to raise the bar for reed quality in 2017 I can also handle many kinds of repair work on oboes, especially pad work. And for the pad work I am properly equipped with both heat-melt pad glue and traditional French cement. The subject of glue choice for pad work is something that could be the basis for a much longer post than this one, but to make a long story short I consider it essential to be able to choose the glue to suit the situation.

So let’s get busy making reeds!