Testing oboes 2018

The time has come to being looking for a new instrument. There are many factors to consider but here is a brief summary of what I feel is relevant:
1. My Yamaha is still a good instrument. It’s not perfect.
2. One possibility is to look for something with a completely different character, to give as many options as possible.
3. But I’m unlikely to make serious use of more than one instrument. A better option would be to look for something similar, which fixes the faults I see with my current instrument.
4. It would be nice to find an instrument with a more lyrical, resonant upper register. I feel that my Yamaha sometimes lacks in this department. This is a crucial range in the audition circuit, and sometimes in symphony.
5. I’m not willing to compromise on response or richness of tone in the lower register.

So let the instrument tryouts begin!

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