Audition Challenge, week fourteen

I made it through the week of compulsory exercises. Because of technical difficulties it took several tries to get a recording at all. So by the time I got a complete recording I didn’t feel like talking much.

Next week I will use a simpler and better-tested recording setup, and maybe it will go better.

I hope that in fourteen weeks I can look back on this video and see how much I have improved.

The week thirteen assignment is all about first impressions on the Mozart concerto. This could not apply more to the opening of the Mozart C Major: the first ten to fifteen seconds are crucial.

The truth of the matter is everyone has weaknesses, even great players. And part of being a great auditioned (rather than just a great performer or great recitalist is being able to show your best in just a few seconds

And what do we have to do to make a good first impression:

Now we have fairly objective things we have to do… we have to play in tune – there’s a subjective element to that but basically in tune is in tune. We have to play  in time, in rhythm those two things are really what,I hate using eliminate. but if you have a hundred and fifty people playing an audition 90 percent of them are going kind of to fall to the bottom based on pitch and rhythm alone. I will put sound quality in there in fact that’s the most important one of all but it’s a little bit subjective.

In week zero the mozart concerto will be the first selection. If I want to make a great impression the first scale has to be flawless and the high C soaring and delightful.

I don’t like to think about playing it safe in general and you should perform they way you are led to perform but you should know where your limits are. Where your instrument’s limits are.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It’s amazing that he actually isn’t talking about the same piece or even the same instrument I’m playing. It’s so easy to push the first two bars of the C Major just a little too hard and wind up with something really raucous.

So, great sound quality means great sound quality on every note, even the fast ones.

The video assignment for week thirteen is the first movement of the Mozart concerto.

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